Saturday, June 25, 2011

Beans-Tomatoe Raitha

This is a different and easy raitha recipe. I love beans, and experiment various dishes with beans. Here i used baby beans. This raitha is a great combo with biriyani, pulao, and even with plain rice.


1 cup   chopped Baby beans  
1/2 cup chopped tomatoes       
5-8     Shallots                 
2       Green chillies           
1       small piece Ginger          
1/4 cup Chopped Corriander Leaves
1 cup   yogurt
1/2 tbsp olive/coconut oil
salt to taste

In a pan pour oil, and stir fry the baby beans for 5 minutes. when the beans is half cooked, add a pinch of salt and switch off the stove, let it cool. Now crush shallots,green chillies and ginger.Using a fork beat yogurt nicely.
Take a serving dish/bowl put all the ingredients together, mix well adding yogurt and salt. The delicious beans and tomatoe raitha is ready to serve. You can serve this right away or refrigerate it and serve either. Both tastes good. Raithas are perfect side dish for summer and is a good source of calcium.

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